How I changed my relationship with coffee

If you’ve read my bio, you already know, I thoroughly believe caffeine makes me a nicer person. Talk to me, before my morning coffee, at your own risk, caffeine headaches are only missed latte away, and I have Starbucks Gold status.  A prominence that has recently lost its luster – you can have it too, run don’t walk. 

This dependency dates back to my college years and has since evolved through all stages of learning to love coffee: 
Frappuccino’s > Lattes > Cappuccinos > shitty coffee masked with cream and sugar > 
slightly higher quality coffee with a splash of cream > premium roast black coffee >
Clover Brew > $ 4 pour over > coffee spending come to Jesus moment 😁  > Home Brew.

The home brew was a stage of saving time and money until the discovery of Bulletproof Coffee. Enter coconut oil, ghee, and guaranteed daily attention for my blender. This beats the hell out of waiting in Starbucks lines, or even the faster method of ordering ahead via the app. Yes, I know this line hack, I’m a Gold Member remember.

Adding healthy fats to my morning Joe gave it more purpose in my daily routine. You’re already planning to drink it, so why not make your coffee do more for you. 

More recently, we took this a step further by adding Collagen to our coffee. Tasteless, alike the popular MCT or XCT oil (19x more powerful than coconut oil) used in true Bulletproof coffee and packed with nutritional value. Skipping this morning ritual is now means sacrificing benefits like increased energy (duh), improved digestion, enhanced cognitive function, skin and joint support…just to name a few. 

Caffeine lovers unite… own your morning energy routine by making it work harder for you. 

Want to know more about including collagen in your coffee? Chalkboard Magazine has the full breakdown.

Coffee not your thing? Good for you. Try adding XCT oil and/or collagen powder to your morning smoothie or protein drink. 

Maybe try before you buy?
The Source Café Hermosa Beach will whip you up a Mind Opener. 

Mind Opener 16oz   8.50
Drip, organic grass-fed butter, MCT oil
Spicy Coconut Mind Opener 16oz   7.50
toddy cold brew, coconut milk, coconut oil, MCT oil, coconut nectar, cayenne pepper