SOUL for Days


Location: The Platform (Upscale Outdoor Mall)
                 8820 Washington Blvd, Culver City, Ca 90232
Price Per Class: $30 (1st Ride $20)
                            5 Classes for $145               
                            10 Classes for $280          
Class Options:  Full Schedule Here              

Parking: Deck in the complex – 2 hours free with validation.
Nearby: Blue Bottle Coffee, Aesop Apothecary, Carven, and more to come…this complex is new, beautiful and growing. Culver City Expo Line Station adjacent.

Setting the scene

The ambiance and beauty of the brand are great, the following is consistent and your morning grapefruit may just give your soul a nice craving for an indoor cycling sweat sesh. The culture screams millenials, lululemon and rich parents. There are also enough amenities to help you rationalize the price point: Shoes ($3 Fee to Rent), Lockers, Hair ties, earplugs, towels (small for the ride & larger for showering), face wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers, bags for sweaty clothes, Q-tips, and hairspray; as well as a water fountain to fill your bottles or $2 SmartWater for purchase.

The walls ooze with inspiration, led's, polaroid memories, and lettering on the studio wall, getting you pumped for the ride ahead. The studio is an intimate experience, on the warmer side and bikes so close if someone lets one slip, those grapefruit candles can’t even save you.

Getting on the bike.

The bikes are different than traditional Spinner or Schwinn versions so play with the seat height and get comfortable with the resistance (one full turn isn’t as aggressive as you might imagine). Assistants are also nearby if you need help with set up, improper alignment will aggravate your knees and lower back.

You’ll also notice a holder under your seat for weights. If you haven’t tried Pure Barre, the idea of a 2lb weight rocking your world might be a foreign concept to you. Don’t doubt those little guys, you’ll feel the burn. There are options for 1, 2 or 3lbs as well as seat cushions.

The candles and lighting adjustments add to the drama of the music and help you immerse yourself in your ride. On top of that instructors speak motivation fluently, so get out of your head and on your feet.

Most of the class is spent out of the saddle. I’ve worn my own shoes and felt soreness due to the longer durations on my feet. The SC loaner shoes have winder, more forgiving clips.

SOUL Cycle builds energy with choreographed intervals to the rhythm of the music and left to right movements in unison. The bounces and dips of the left to right movement is something I like to call “SOUL Cycle Swagger”.  Your dominant leg leads the way pressing upwards and your non-dominant leg assists in a smooth transition downward as you lower your body and bend your elbows for push-ups, bounces, etc. I think that makes sense, better explanations welcome in the comments!

I’m happy with the demand of this class physically, I’ve quickly realized you can be in shape, but not SOUL Cycle shape, and then SOUL Cycle twice in one-week shape… It takes practice. Should you feel winded or are struggling to stay on rhythm your safe place is in the saddle/ hand position 1. One instructor said it so eloquently “This is your journey, I’m just the tour guide”.

It is absolutely what you put into it that will dictate your results. Don’t be nervous to try the classes, I promise you’ll leave inspired and sweaty!

Have you tried SOUL Cycle? I want to hear your thoughts, favorite instructors and music in the comment section below!