The 5 Phases of a Shitty Mood and How to Cheer the Funk Up Already!

Do you ever have those days where you just have to throw your hands up and say, “Universe, I need somethingbe it a sign, some good news, a positive experience…maybe some correct lottery numbers?!"

 Its been a really hectic July, I’m in full blown funk-mode and I need some positive news, a full day of sleep or just a few winning Mega numbers. I usually cap a crummy mood at a day then shift to positive action but this funk has been relentless.

 My 5 Phases of a Funk are as follows:

  1. Coach yourself through positive self talk (poorly).
    You can do this. You’re going to crush today
    *spills coffee, gets a parking ticket (basically insert bad luck here).
    Ugh, today sucks.
  2. Enjoy your favorite meal (fettuccine alfredo).
    Nope still don’t feel better, just fat now.
  3. Check today’s, this week’s and/or this month’s horoscope for some explanation of your current state of mind. Perhaps, Mars is in my 9th house of shitty moods and bad luck this week.
    Of course not, the only thing coming into my house this week is “Aunt Flow"...
    Well, that explains the funk I’m in, but certainly doesn’t up the mood.
  4. Speaking of mood, listen to some “mood” music and emotionally purge.
    Gets home from work sans-makeup and red-faced, drinks wine from the bottle.
  5. Finally, you say “Universe, I need something” as you continue to sip wine….maybe tequila.
    At this point you’re desperately searching for the positive and opening your mind to a different outlook or experience.

Any of these sound familiar?

Silence the negative self-talk
Remember that positive self talk that failed miserably?
Well its evil twin usually follows it… and what its saying could be a key to turning things around.
“I didn’t work out today.”
This is a biggie with me - I’m a fitness blogger for Pete’s sake.
Oh the shame!
Okay, just got a few sweat sessions on the schedule, with friends, for added accountability and social time.

“I have so much to do at home.”
For me this is “Don’t have my shit together” status. Laundry is overflowing, food meant for meal prep is rotting in the fridge, my car is a gym locker and I’m afraid to look at my bank account.

This feeling usually occurs at work when your personal needs are low priority and plaguing you, but that won’t speed up the clock. However, a mid-afternoon coffee treat will fuel some focus and productivity this evening. Brb….

Make a TO-DO List.   
What can I do now to help myself later?
Sip your coffee and start your to-do list, add things as they come to mind, write them down and don’t think of them again until you are home.
Be realistic, we’re fragile and disappointment wont help.

Do include self-care. Because let’s be honest, crushing the world would just feel way more awesome with freshly shaved legs and brow game that’s “on fleek”.

Choose Happy.
“Happiness happens by choice, not chance”

In the grand scheme of things, does today matter?
Likely, the answer is no and I am the first to admit, my problems are “1st world” problems.
I love the teachings of Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle and think of them, especially in these moments. They encourage daily practice of mindfulness, meditation, and expression of gratitude. Sounds good, right?

Now to find the time and arrange the resources….

Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude.

  • Sign up for some inspirational emails. 
    May I suggest Deepak and Eckhart 
  • Download a mindfulness or inspirational eBook.  
    My favorites: The Power of Now
    The Monk Who Sold his Ferarri
  • Load up your phone with Meditation, and your positive mood music.
    Fav Apps: Mindfulness & OMG Meditate.
  • Take a deep breath and count to 10.
  • List 5 things you’re grateful for.
  • Load up your Podcast queue with some inspiration. 
    Best Mind Body Podcasts

Share the Positivity.
And since we’ve shifted gear to radiate positivity, let’s share those good vibes!

  • Send a positive text, email or tweet to a friend.
  • Arrange a phone catch-up for your commute home.
  • Scroll some funny Instagram accounts, smile maybe screenshot them and send to a friend. 
    Talkthirtytome, thefatjewish, F#&*Jerry (Your Favs? Comment below)


  • You’re already tackling our realistic To-Do list, right?
  • While that laundry is washing, squeeze in a quick at-home workout to get those endorphins going – 5min abs, 20min HIIT…pick your poison.
  • Lay your clothes out for tomorrow’s workout.
  • Set the Coffee Maker for the morning! 
  • Unplug and go screen-free for an hour before bed
    ...Unless your reading the eBook you downloaded earlier!

    I want to hear your thoughts:
    What are your coping mechanisms and remedies for rough days?