Because I Can

Finding Happiness, Because I Can

2015 was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was working long, overnight hours with no consistency in schedule.  As a freelancer, I was happy to be booking consistent work, but lulls went on for months without a spike in heart rate or motivation to work out after a 3am call time.

Having no time or energy, my social life, healthy eating habits and muscle mass diminished. I’ve always been athletic, even playing tennis in college, and I continue to hold myself to those standards of fitness. For that reason I pressured myself emotionally, lived in more forgiving fabrics like stretchy yoga pants and tunics, avoiding most of my summer wardrobe entirely.

I could pick myself apart physically, finding every flaw from a rounder face and midsection to how friendly my things had gotten – they were nearly inseparable. I had dark circles for days, dull skin and acne that rivaled my teenage years, all visible reminders of my shameful diet and inconsistent sleep schedule.  The saddest part was the change in my demeanor. I was moody, quick tempered and even a glimpse of my quirky personality was rare.

In December, a change in jobs from vampire hours to a 9 to 5, was a big breakthrough in my schedule to allow workouts back into my life. Without time or energy as an excuse, it was time to jump back on the wagon. Through ClassPass, I took my first ever gymnastics class, at the tender age of 29. I definitely set the bar low with my first cartwheel, assuring there was plenty of room for practice and improvement.  I had such a great time, the endorphins were flowing and my jaw hurt from smiling. Aerial yoga was next, challenging my arm strength and grace, followed by Surfing in West Hollywood, shaking things up with the Power Plate, Climbing my heart our at RiseNation, finding inner peace at Unplug meditation, and diversifying my elliptical routine at Elliptifit.

I’m addicted.

I crave new experiences, troll Instagram and bookmark studios, plan commutes around class times, and interact with studios owners, instructors, and others who find this same enjoyment in ClassPass. I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone with all of these unique challenges #becauseIcan. I have also met so many new people, shamelessly asking for selfies to share with my Instagram followers and chatting about classes they’ve taken as well. My ears are always open when waiting for a class, ready to jump on an opportunity to learn and share my experiences.

But best of all, I’ve found so much happiness in this lifestyle. I love coming home to my husband and sharing pictures, laughing and talking about our days. My quirks and humor are back in full force, I’m showing my “skinny” clothes some love and I’m inspired creatively. It’s been my goal to start a blog since college and I now have a theme, I am actively working on my blog, writing about classes and posting on Instagram to share these experiences.

So the moral of all this, my worst enemy was the one in the mirror. I am in control of my destiny, happiness, and story. So I’ll continue to improve, to become stronger, and live a healthier lifestyle because I can.