Last year, I became increasingly unhappy with the person in the mirror as the effects of my poor diet and schedule became more visible. So I committed to a change in attitude, physical appearance, and health. 

I started this journey with Instagram, for accountability and encouragement. I believed if I put my goals out there, I had to stick to them - consistently. Then I realized the beauty and strength that comes with sharing your journey with others on the same path, encouraging and empowering one another. It brings me so much joy, I feel fulfilled in my own journey, and love seeing my followers conquer their own goals. 

What I want to share with you:

  • Southbay food and fun, but mainly fitness studios, events, and opportunities to sweat.
  • Tips and tricks to survive your 9 to 5

Because work/life balance is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

So lets do this together, I want to know what inspires YOU! Sign up for my blog updates, follow me on social media, email me: Kylie@SouthBaySweat.com.


My name is Kylie Realmuto Wade.
Born and raised in Alabama. 
Greater Los Angeles resident since 2010, currently residing in the South Bay.

I have the grace of a baby giraffe, I always want French fries, I cry when people on TV do, cats are my spirit animal, and I firmly believe caffeine makes me a nicer person.

Intense eye contact, leaving voicemails and greetings with cheek kisses peak my awkwardness. Production worker by day, fitness class addict by early morning and night.

I met my husband shortly after moving to Los Angeles and couldn’t have picked a better partner in life. I’m deeply appreciative of his honestly, patience, support and love. My cheerleader, my therapist, my everything…my Joseph.